the best unifi fibre broadband

In the digital age, the issue of Internet access is of paramount importance. If this is the case for users, it is even more so in the professional sector. For companies located in white areas, for example, having an internet connection can be difficult. However, devices do exist to try to offer efficient alternatives: this is the case, for example, with satellite internet. On the business side, however, do not think that having an internet box is enough to enjoy a fully satisfactory speed. Depending on the use, the flow required can actually be more or less important. The best unifi fibre broadband offers an all covering service.

the best unifi fibre broadband

The different types of Internet connection

For several years, operators’ subscriptions have made it possible to benefit from an Internet connection. Thanks to the network, whether fixed or mobile, it is even possible to benefit from Wi-Fi. This can be the case via an internet box or by connection sharing. Wi-Fi, which is a wireless connection system, has thus made itself a place of choice with professionals and individuals alike. It allows different devices to connect with each other and access the Internet. Among the operators’ offers to access the Internet, several technologies are available, including:

  • fixed broadband offers (ADSL and VDSL)
  • Very High Speed ​​fixed subscriptions (coaxial and
  • optical fiber termination )
  • mobile plans (4G, and 5G from 2020)

If these technologies have different names, it is above all their performance that sets them apart. Used for several decades now, ADSL remains a satisfactory alternative for users with modest needs. Consumers with intense use of their internet boxes can however see the limits of this technology, an insufficient basic speed or too many devices connected simultaneously can greatly reduce performance. If it is a simple comfort for the private sphere, the stake is real when it comes to Wi-Fi in business. To benefit from an optimal connection in all circumstances, it is then possible to turn to Fiber. Whether the line is entirely in optical fiber or in coaxial termination, the speed is then much higher than with ADSL.


Finally, another alternative is to turn to mobile networks. With the deployment of 4G in recent years and the future arrival of 5G, which is expected to be marketed in 2020, the mobile network is emerging as an alternative of choice. In many sectors of activity, the performance of the network is an essential criterion, as it impacts professionals in their daily lives.

Júlio Emilio Braz