cloud storage services malaysia

In the modern world, we are currently living right now, we cannot deny how important technology has infiltrated our daily basis, in a good way of course. I mean, imagine the world without the air fryer cooker or even a smartphone? It would be a pain to experience such things. Internet is both safe and dangerous place, as hackers can come anytime from anywhere to snatch your files. Your files are a priority to protect nowadays, and that is where cloud storage service slides in. Cloud storage is a cloud computing approach in which data is stored on the Internet and managed and operated by a cloud computing provider. It’s on-demand, with just-in-time capacity and costs, and it saves you money by not having to buy and manage your own data storage infrastructure. With “anytime, anywhere” data access, you get agility, global scale, and durability.

If you ever looking for the best cloud storage services in Malaysia, you should have your eyes on Alpha Backup System. Their two systems, Alto and Siris could be the only solution you ever need. 

cloud storage services malaysia

Siris is a Disaster Recovery device that was one of the BCDR options for a corporation. It can avoid any computer system from failing and losing data. This cloud backup in Malaysia is a device that can restore data loss in the event of a calamity, such as a fire or a ransomware attack. Siri is an excellent Business Continuity Management tool. The latest Siris Private version prohibits businesses from keeping data on third-party cloud services. Siris is not difficult to set up because it requires or can be set up using LAN or VLAN connectivity and then just link the first and second Siris together. The first Siris is referred to as Source Siris, while the second is referred to as Destination Siris. The source Siris is the first to back up the data, and it will send everything to the Destination Siris, which will store everything in the Siris private cloud. Your files could not get safer. 

Alto, on the other hand, is a disk-based database that is one of Malaysia’s top Alpha backup options as it uses hybrid cloud technology. What this means is that your data is backed up and mirrored to an on-site backup disaster recovery (BDR) system before being sent back to the Alpha Cloud. It is feature-rich, allowing SMBs to restore any real or virtual substructure. Another outstanding aspect is that it provides a large defense in a compact package, but this is dependent on how the corporations wish to manufacture their product. It can store up to 2TB of data, which is equivalent to several servers. Alto also protects your entire system. For instance,  if a ransomware attack disables Windows and your business-critical programs, you may restore everything as a virtual machine, or just the individual files. With Alpha’s superior bare-metal restore capability, SMBs can back up their server in seconds with the Alto.

Alpha Backup System is unique as it is powered by an x64 Linux server, giving you an enterprise-grade architecture service and it is a total data protection platform. Get the safety of your files guaranteed with the Alpha Backup System. 

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