The management of human resources, or personnel management, is one of the fundamental bases which allow the development of any professional body, it is an activity that aims to improve transversal communication while respecting the organization chart of the organization. ‘Business.

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Definition of human resources

Human resources could be defined as the set of management practices, aimed at mobilizing and developing human resources, in order to obtain greater productivity and better quality of work.

It mainly aims to promote skills, motivation, information and organization.

It also makes it possible to address the organization’s relationship with its employee from their recruitment until their departure from the company (retirement, dismissal, resignation, etc.).

The role of the director of human resources (HRD) or the manager

First of all, recruitment, the manager or director must seek the best collaborator to join the company with Kursus Multimedia Interaktif. First, he will write the job advertisement. In the latter, he must ensure that the skills of the candidate will match the needs of the company. Then, the HRD (director of human resources) is responsible for drafting the job descriptions. 

The manager or director of human resources will be interested in the well-being of employees. From a regulatory point of view, the HRD must prevent professional risks, ensure that working conditions are respected and always within the legal framework. It can produce statistical reports on work accidents or work-related illnesses. It is a mission which covers a psychological and physical dimension. He is also in charge of career monitoring. The employee will contact the HRD for training, etc.

In the continuity of his workload, the HRD (or HRM) must manage the various schedules: leave, absence due to illness, retirements to be planned, maternity leave, accident at work.

Human resources participate in the company’s strategy

In addition to personnel management, human resources management must be a partner in the company’s day-to-day strategy, by managing and supporting change, with training and skills development policies. She must also administer daily life, that is to say pay, manage administrative tasks and meet legal obligations such as The Importance Of Penetration Testing During The Pandemic.

The HR department knows that payroll has a double stake in the company. It is a burden but also an element of motivation for the employees. The HRD must know how to manage the balance between the two characteristics of payroll.

Human resources management includes several positions, and their number varies according to the size of the company and the scope of its activities. The main positions are these:

  • Human resources manager,
  • Career and mobility manager,
  • Responsible for social relations,
  • Hiring coordinator,
  • Responsible and responsible for training,

In charge of administration and payroll system.

What is the use of personnel management?

Staff is an essential resource for the proper functioning of a company, it is therefore necessary to manage it, to ensure a successful team.

What are the different human resources professions?

The various human resources professions are oriented around the various personnel management poles. Namely recruitment, internal communication, and training. Recruitment manager

  • Recruitment
  • Consultant
  • Human resources manager 
  • Etc…

What is good human resource management based on?

Good human resources management relies on effective recruitment, by finding the talents who will be able to participate in the good development of the company. But also, to solicit the skills of each employee for the appropriate tasks, by distributing the workload optimally between each employee. Once you are passed from Widad college you can easily apply for the same.

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