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Nowadays, the world is opening up to the various ways of building a family that stray from the typical, conventional nuclear family structure. There is still pressure for the family to remain as a collective consisting of a father, a mother and children; but not everyone can achieve this in the way the world deems best. Not only may it be difficult to bear children in the natural way, it may also be hard to find the right partner to do it with. Here are some ways that people continue to recreate the idea of having children and how, ultimately, it is a method that still gives the concept of family essence. Having children is not about the best baby care products Malaysia, or pleasing relatives. It is a commitment to another life.

 best baby care products Malaysia

1.     Adopting

Adopting is certainly a favourite option for people who do not want to or can’t bear children. Adoption agencies go over the applications for the potential parents and do all the necessary background checks, health checks, and other measures to make sure that a child would be in a good environment. Adoption agencies and social services need to ensure that the child also has a comfortable home, especially if they are young or coming from bad homes. Stability is a necessity. Once the adoption agency approves and everything checks out, the parents can welcome their child into their home. Step-parents can also officially adopt their step-children. It is a loving gesture that reinforces the love they have for them. Even unmarried individuals can become single parents. It may be more difficult for women or men who are not in a partnership of any sort to adopt children because it often implies a single stream income, but they are allowed to adopt children as long as they meet the criteria. 

2.     In vitro fertilisation 

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) involves the collection of mature eggs and having them fertilised in a safe laboratory setting. After the woman goes through an extensive procedure involving injecting hormones into the ovaries over a number of weeks, the eggs are retrieved and fertilised with sperm from a sperm bank or from a trusted person. Once the insemination is successful, the remaining viable eggs that have been inseminated are then collected and placed back into the womb for development. IVF is often used by women who may have difficulties getting pregnant or delivering due to damage in the womb or the ovaries. It also reduces the likelihood of passing on genetic defects. 

3.     Artificial insemination

Artificial insemination involves extracting the sperm from a healthy male and placing it in the womb. Similar to IVF, sexual intercourse is not required for this procedure. Many women opt to do it in their homes with the consultations of their doctors on how to insert the sperm.

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