Anyone who buys an apartment in an old building for budgetary reasons may be disappointed. ‘As an investor, it is better to check whether certain costs are imposed. These may be costs arising from the regulations. Just think of the roof or the glass insulation standards. ‘If you buy such an apartment or studio, be sure to inquire about the condition of the building and about any collective renovation plans. Check whether there is a reserve fund and how much the annual provision is. ‘

Even if you opt for new construction, it is crucial to check whether the building is structurally sound. Perhaps hire an independent architect to check the condition of the building. The architect’s fee may cost you several hundred euros, but you can avoid a lot of misery and unexpected costs. For houses for sale in subang jaya usj or Mont Kiara a perfect decision is available. Another alternative is home financing, which is the model used when you have only part of the money or a small entry, and the bank must have the rest, under an interest rate and subject to credit analysis. Here, it is necessary to do thorough research to decide which is the best institution in relation to the interest rate and charges charged, in order to be able to make the best possible deal.

Proper protection

This protection means, among other things, that you can hold the seller liable for hidden defects and that there is a ten-year liability for serious defects that can endanger the stability of the building or Subang Jaya condo, whether it is visible or not. But even then it may be worthwhile to ask the developer about previous construction projects, and to inform the residents about their experiences with the construction company involved.

  • ‘Quality’ is a concept with many facets. For assisted living apartments, the golden advice is that it is best to choose ‘recognized’ service flats. This gives you the certainty that they meet the minimum quality requirements imposed by the Flemish government. If you buy operating property, such as a service flat or a hotel room, your investment stands or falls with the quality of the operator. Ask which letters of nobility they can submit.

Try to estimate the future question

An extremely difficult task, but still worth a try

You should no longer expect a great added value with a later sale of the property. But with a little luck, your investment will retain its value. Whether that is the case depends on whether the property will still be popular in 10 years’ time.

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Júlio Emilio Braz