Grocery shopping can be a tiring task, especially when you need to travel the same place everyday back and forth to buy the necessary ingredients. However, one of the major issues of grocery shopping is that there are times when you can’t find fresh ingredients from your local market or grocery store. Pricing is also another issue for grocery shoppers as it varies on where you buy the ingredients from. Whenever they purchase their ingredients from grocery stores like Tesco, Giant and Cold Storage, they are priced based on their weight, which could be cheaper than buying from the market. However, this would mean that shoppers would not have the option to select the quality of their ingredients. Alternatively, the local markets provide that benefit instead in addition to having multiple similar stalls setup in an area. This would allow shoppers to browse through a wide variety of ingredients that grocery stores might not have and compare their quality and price from one stall to another. However, this could also be a disadvantage as the pricing can be different depending on the seller. 

With the coronavirus spreading across the whole world at a rapid pace, grocery shopping has become difficult as citizens are limited to only having a certain number of people to enter the venue while practicing SOP. Additionally, the announcement of lockdowns has caused desperation among shoppers who would panic buy a large quantity of groceries to prepare themselves for the lockdown, despite knowing that they are still allowed to go out to purchase necessities. But, this heavily impacts households that have only elderly as the virus is more lethal on elderly above 60 years old due to their immune system becoming weaker as they grow older.

Thanks to the development of technology, people can buy fresh fish online malaysia without having to risk their health and reduce their exposure to the virus. This would solve many issues that shoppers would have and provide an easier way for the elderly to shop and buy groceries without risking themselves from being infected by the virus. To provide an easier way for shoppers to purchase their desired ingredients, most e-commerce apps like Fave, Boost and even Shopee would help to standardize the pricing of ingredients while rewarding users for their loyalty. Additionally, these users are able to “gift” the groceries to whoever they want to send to, especially towards elderly who are not familiar with smartphone technology. Even if their house does not have an internet connection, it can be easily setup within an hour by the respective internet service provider.

Although vaccines are circulating around, it still poses a threat to vaccinated people as it is constantly mutating and developing a new strain, possibly rendering the vaccine ineffective. Since smartphone technology is becoming more important recently, it is recommended to teach the elderly on how to use smartphones to prevent exposing themselves to the virus as well as teaching them what they should look out for to prevent from falling into scams. Additionally, most e-commerce apps will reward users with enticing rewards and discounts to give them more incentive to use their apps.

Júlio Emilio Braz