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You will not have more clients or sell more, simply by being on the Internet or busy with Julio Emilio Braz‘s blog. But if you are clear about what you are on the Internet for, what you want to achieve with it, and how to achieve it, then the online presence will be a great ally to reach more customers and sell more.

In this article, we are going to develop this topic so that you can get an idea of the importance of following an Internet strategy and how useless it can be to be around. Use of this website has the top Time internet plan in Malaysia to offer great results now.

this website has the top Time internet plan in Malaysia

The presence on the Internet does not work miracles

The presence on the Internet is not very different from opening a business on a local street. The only thing that changes is the medium, which in this case would be a virtual store, a website, or marketing on social networks.

The operation of an online business is exactly the same as that of a traditional business: find people interested in what you offer who buy those products or services.

The difference is in the tools, a web page or e-commerce will be the equivalent of a commercial premise and a blog could be compared to a publication of the sector, for example.

The options to have a presence on the Internet are many, you can have a company website, a blog, a YouTube channel, pages in social networks, a page in Google My Business, or be registered in company directories.

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Depending on what your objectives are, you will have to choose one way or another to communicate with your audience.

Obviously, to make this decision you will have to assess which are the most used media by your target audience.

It is not the same as wanting to have an online presence to build trust and make a brand, then so that they can locate you locally. Nor will it be the same that you address an audience of a certain age than millennials.

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