Video Game Design takes care of the entire process from the conception of the idea to the realization of the final product. If you are passionate about programming and video games, this may be the career of choice.

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What is Video Game Design about?

Video Game Design has similarities with traditional software programming, although it is a much more complex process, which involves many stages and the creative aspect participates to a much greater extent. In the design of a video game, a multidisciplinary group intervenes that will take charge of very different stages: the conception of the idea; artistic design: the sound part; the creation of the world and the characters; the user interface; etc. The Video Game Designer will be trained to participate in each of these stages of video game development.

What tasks does a Video Game Designer perform?

Far from the common idea that he is only responsible for generating an idea and programming it, the tasks of the Video Game Designer are incredibly broad. They range from the conception of the general idea of ​​the product, through the design of the characters and the settings through which the story will pass; the basic programming itself; the realization of conceptual art; the generation of the internal rules of the game; the sound aspects that will accompany the development of the video game; the generation of the graphical interface; the gameplay aspects and the testing stages. Apart from getting involved in all these aspects, the Video Game Designer must adapt every detail of the game itself to the limitations and technical possibilities that the support for which the game is developed will present. Like little,

What is the job opportunity for a Video Game Designer?

The job opportunity is extremely wide, and this is because of the extensive background of knowledge that you will acquire in this career. You can work as a video game programmer or designer; Software programmer; 3D designer, modeler and animator; beta tester; web game programmer; screenwriter; in video game marketing; mobile application programmer; etc. All these job opportunities can be done independently, as well as in video game development companies, advertising agencies, software development companies, etc.

Advantages of studying Videogame Design

The video game industry has been growing exponentially for decades, and technological improvement opens up more and more opportunities.

You will be able to apply all your creativity without limits since unlike other fields of design or artistic professions you have no limits beyond those of your own imagination.

While video games have been produced for decades, the career itself is relatively new, so there aren’t a lot of pros.

The development of videogames in the Spanish-speaking world is in its infancy, so you have ample possibilities to stand out in it. Widad University has agreements with video game development companies, so you can do professional internships before completing your studies.

Sekiranya anda berminat dengan sarjana muda dalam pengajian perniagaan, Widad College adalah pilihan terbaikmu.

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